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ShotgunFan, a publication of OutdoorsFan Media, went live in January 2007. OutdoorsFan Media is a division of InterMedia Outdoors, Inc. provides the world's only daily coverage of top-level skeet, trap and sporting clays, as well as shotgun-specific hunting news and features.

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John Johnson is ShotgunFan's editor. He's an avid bird hunter, bird-dog trainer and clay-target shooter, and a veteran sports journalist who's won awards from the Associated Press Sports Editors and other organizations. He lives in rural northern California with his wife, two children and four dogs.

Jon Storm is OutdoorsFan Media's editor in chief. A longtime industry veteran, he previously was senior editor of North American Fisherman magazine and editor of Bass West USA magazine, and has hosted television shows on ESPN and ESPN2. Jon fishes for anything that swims, and is darn good at it.

Jim Manry is OutdoorsFan Media's general manager. An accomplished outdoor media leader with more than 25 years of sales experience, Jim formerly served as senior account director at ESPN Outdoors. Prior to that he was eastern sporting goods manager for Field & Stream and Outdoor Life magazines. Contact our editorial staff at, or send them a message via ShotgunFan FeedBack (the more direct route).

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ShotgunFan Media was established to do one thing: Bring to shotgun enthusiasts and fans a new, exciting, national type of coverage of the sport. The name ShotgunFan says it all.

ShotgunFan media also includes ShotgunFan Radio and ShotgunFan TV (Video), both of which will continue to develop and expand.

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