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How About A Matched Pair?
Quality, Value Are Trademarks Of Bob Allen Calls

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
by Jim Crowley

Waterfowl hunting is a passion of mine and anything that might make that passion even more of a pleasure is always worth my time to explore. Several years ago, I was introduced to Bob Allen Mallard Game Calls.

Bob Allen started making calls back in 1977. He was influenced by two national championship-level callers from central Illinois Ė John Liston and Mick Lacy. As Allenís reputation grew in the Midwest, so did his talent for using numerous varieties of wood in the process of creating his products.

The crisp tone of his duck calls perfectly matches the feeding chuckle, hail and greeting call of the mallard duck. He also makes a timber call that has less volume, but has a much raspier tone Ė perfect for hunting in standing timber.

Photo: Bob Allen Mallard Game Calls
Bob Allen Mallard Game Calls are not only functional, but they're also works of art.

Without question, the best goose call I have ever used is Allenís handcrafted short reed call. I have a couple different versions of those, including a beautiful new hot mustard-colored one with a brass insert. The clucks, honks and moans from this wood call are amazing.

On a recent weekend, I was stunned at the groups of geese I turned with this call. Followed up by a moaning laydown call, the first group of 25 geese came in with feet dropped and wings cupped. Needless to say, our group had a fantastic day.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how modestly these calls are priced. Allen can also make you matching sets of goose and duck calls out of the same wood. I have begun to collect these, as they are definitely stunning to look at. I have several on display over my fireplace.

Bob Allenís Mallard Game Calls are not just another call, but a finely tuned work of art from a Midwestern legend. For more information, call (309) 661-0739 or send an email to

Jim Crowley is a freelance writer and an avid outdoorsman and traveler based in Bloomington, Ill. He can be reached through his web site,

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