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Reliable and Durable
Big Foot's Realism Fools Even The Smartest Of Waterfowl

Reviewed by Jim Crowley

Product: Big Foot decoys
Company: Clinton Decoy Company

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm not just a waterfowl hunter, I'm a waterfowl addict! I love goose and duck season. Itís a time to be with friends in the outdoors and itís also time to fill the freezer with some of my favorite wild game.

Without question, as the season rolls on, those ducks and geese get smarter and itís tougher to fool them. You must be concealed and you must have decoys that look like the real thing. Iíve shot over a good number of decoys, but nothing has been more realistic, reliable and durable than the decoys made by the Clinton Decoy Company.

Photo: Big Foot
Big Foot decoys have oversized feet, so there's no need for stakes.

Most hunters know them as Big Foot. They are so realistic; I have been walking up to a spread of Big Foots set out the night before, and have real geese already walking amongst them!

These true-to-life decoys are made with durable polyethylene so that they stand up to extreme cold without becoming brittle or cracking. All of the Big Foot bodies mimic the intricate feather detail and are crafted with various postures of a real birds in the field. The detailed areas are all hand-painted with a tough, non-fading paint that shows a true featured appearance. Then the basic colors are molded to ensure a lifetime of service.

The patented oversized leg and foot system assembles into one piece without the use of ground stakes. Big Foot offers numerous models including, floaters, feeders and standard versions. With an arsenal of species to choose from including snows, blues, Canadas and even duck decoys, you can outfit yourself with waterfowl realism for the entire season.

When Iím hunting waterfowl, Iím hunting with Big Foot.


> For more on Big Foot decoys, click here.

Jim Crowley is a freelance writer and an avid outdoorsman and traveler based in Bloomington, Ill. He can be reached through his web site,

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